Im going to be giving out my views on myself, some people that i know and just people in general. I do tend to rant, so stick with me.


Anonymous asked
Whats been on your mind lately?

College. Simply, college.

lizisdabombdotcom asked
Will you bite if I ask you to? (KIDDING) You excited for college? Bottom bunking it, I heard, you lucky duck.

Adam’s taking top bunk?

Anonymous asked
you love sheryl


Anonymous asked
sheryl is so pretty

lies lies lies

Anonymous asked
sheryl is awesome


Anonymous asked
sheryl is amazing


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101 of My Favorite Songs from the ’90s (in chronological order)

42. Green Day - Welcome to Paradise (1994)

Pay attention to the cracked streets
And the broken homes
Some call it the slums
Some call it nice
I want to take you through
a wasteland I like to call my home
Welcome to paradise

Anonymous asked
just for the curiousity

Sorry, I don’t tell people I don’t know. If you tell me face to face or something, I’d be happy to tell you.

Anonymous asked
exactly you dont kno me

So, why would I tell you?

Anonymous asked
not on Facebook so i have revealed myself now reveal the crush

I’m sorry, I don’t know a Tori